The sustained focus on having exceptionally talented faculties with a global mindset helps ensure a strong culture of learning and innovation. An optimal faculty to student ratio of 1:15 ensures high-quality interactions. Faculty members at IIT Madras carry out research in their areas of interests, often in collaboration with research scholars, doctoral scholars and other researchers. The Institute has ongoing research collaborations with several universities, governments and industries.

IIT Madras offers a supportive environment to its faculty and staff in all respects. The facilities and research atmosphere at IIT Madras supports its faculty in building successful teaching and research careers. The institute has signed 271 MoUs with top global universities for teaching and research collaborations.

IIT Madras has 16 departments offering various inter-disciplinary courses-in areas of emerging technologies and of relevance to the country’s development aspirations. The academia is full of experienced faculties with deep expertise in teaching and research. The student community also represents the same kind of diversity as our country, bringing in unique perspectives.

The academic department engages with the industry on an ongoing basis, enabling an osmosis of ideas. The expertise of the academic department is leveraged to offer solutions and consultancy services to the industry, by the faculty.

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