Architected Materials Design and Manufacturing forNext-Generation Electric Vehicles & High-Speed Railway

The architected multi materials design approach facilitates effective utilization of high performance expensive materials in combination with low cost materials following the innovative design-materials-manufacturing approach in order to improve the overall performance of the futuristic electric vehicle and high speed railway.

Architected Materials Design and Manufacturing forNext-Generation Electric Vehicles & High-Speed Railway

R Gnanamoorthy

Principal Investigator



Research Objectives

  • Design, Development, and Validation of the Concept and Product Design with Architected Materials for Light Weight and Efficient Power Transmission (including –Numerical Analysis, Design Optimization, and Reliability Assessment)

  • Architected Lightweight Designs for Structural and Body Material Applications Design, Processing and Property assessment of Architected Polymer Nanocomposites

  • Design and Reliability Assessment of Metallic Foams as Fuel Cell Components

  • Modern Materials and Coatings for Minimizing the Failures in Bearings used in Traction Motors operating in Electrical Environment

Expected deliverables of the research

Current status

Ongoing Projects


External Collobaration

Forthcoming Events

  • 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Power Transmission with emaphsis on Advanced Materials & Manufacturing for Evs 2022

A few on-going projects …

  • Coating Design for Traction Motor Bearings (Prof Gnanamoorthy, Prof Sundarajan Natarajan, G V Balakrishna (PhD))

  • Drive Motor Bearing Performance Simulated Studies ((Prof Gnanamoorthy, Krishnau Monda (MS) G V Balakrishna (PhD))

  • Performance of Metallic Foam Based Fuel Cell (Prof Gnanamoorthy, G Venkatesh (PhD). Anupam (M Tech) )

  • Brake Pad Design using MultiMaterial Appraoch (Prof Gnanamoorthy, Dr Piyush, Dr Sourav, Sunil (PhD), Rajib (MS)

  • Natural Fibre Compsoites for Automotive Applications (Prof Gnanamoorthy, Dr Gurunathan)

  • Acoustic analysis of brake pads (Prof. Shankar Krishnapillai, Prof.Gnanamoorthy, Nakshatra Bannerjee (MTech))

  • Optimization of epicyclic gear box with tribological considerations(Prof. Shankar Krishnapillai, Dr. Ramkumar.P, Ashish Kumar(MS))

  • Additive manufacturing of composites (Prof.Shankar Krishnapillai, Prof R Velmurugan, Niranjan YC (PhD))

Societal impact