Complex systems and Dynamics

Train students

  • mathematical modelling of complex dynamical systems
  • build network based models from data
  • analyse using theories of networks, nonlinear dynamics, stochastic dynamics, data analysis & machine learning
  • high performance computing
  • hands on experience through projects

Total Credits required

150 to 160






85 (15+30+40)

Total credits



Possible project topics (not exhaustive)

  • climate science
  • computational neuroscience
  • machine learning in fluid dynamics
  • biomimetic flows
  • complex flows & physics of living matter
  • urban climate modelling
  • stochastic dynamics of spatio-temporal systems
  • dynamics of social behaviour
  • epidemic modelling

Employment opportunities

Emerging field
  • modeling & analysis of complex dynamical systems
  • curating data for mathematical modelling
  • high performance computing
  • experience with cutting edge multi-disciplinary
  • financial systems and applications
Niche companies, R&D centers, start-ups
  • Climate policy Initiative, San Francisco
  • CII-Godrej Green Business Centre
  • Hyundai
  • Pfizer
  • Mahindra Rise

Coordinating Faculty

Neelima Gupte(Physics)
Srinivas Chakravarthy(BioTech)
Sunetra Sarkar(Aerospace Engg)
Sayan Gupta(Applied Mechanics)
Mahesh Panchagnula(Applied Mechanics)
Arun Tangirala (Chemical Engg)
Anubhab Roy (Applied Mechanics)
Sumesh Thampi(Chemical Engg)

Students’ comments

  • This programme seems like a good stepping stone for students to do interdisciplinary research. -Malayaja Chutani, PhD student, Dept of Physics.
  • This center is very unique in India 🙂