Students can choose from various interdisciplinary courses in the areas of emerging technology based on their interests. With foreign students being part of the mix, they bring in diverse cultural and knowledge background. The college provides accommodation, social activities, and other necessary facilities for the students.

Interdisciplinary Dual Degree

Academic programs have to be agile and prepare engineers to be ready to operate with ease in a multi-cultural, and multi-disciplinary future global workplace. This requires the introduction of novel transdisciplinary programs to the curriculum. Interdisciplinary dual degree programs fill this need at IIT Madras. Students from all branches, at the end of their third year of study at IIT Madras, have the ability to specialize in an innovative field based on a clear understanding of their interests and natural ability. The interdisciplinary programs are, by design, agile and current. We are in the process of enhancing and offering these programs to international students as M. Tech programs. The possibility of international PhD programs in these areas is also being explored.